John Lake
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Life Chapters

My father, John Eric Lake, was born in 1930 in Albany, New York. His father, Eric John Lake, a serious and formal man, was a lawyer at the time, later to become a district attorney and then deputy attorney general for the State of New York.
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In the fall of 1947, my father began his college career on scholarship at Syracuse University. His mother, who had also attended Syracuse, arranged that John and Carl Darrow would be roommates their freshman year, thinking that the adjustment to life at a big university from small-town Delmar would be easier with a familiar face nearby.
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John Lake came of age while stationed in Pearl Harbor from 1951 until 1955. During those four years, as he pined for post-military life as a journalist and developed a distaste for authority, his jangled emotions became steadier, and he grew from lonely seaman to happily married petty officer (first class). A smart, skinny boy became a wiser, more cynical, less skinny man.
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BINGHAMTON, NY (Binghamton News-Press)
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NEW YORK (The Herald Tribune)
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NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY and NEWSWEEK (February 1964 - December 1967)
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